What are the Government's priorities?

Prime Minister's Māris Kučinskis government

since February 11, 2016

Government's action is orientated towards economic activity and faster growth of employment and productivity, which are to be fundamented in thoroughly negotiated reforms targeted on sustainable and responsible investment of Latvian resources in our economy and achieving higher quality of life for Latvian people.

Government priorities are: strengthening the economy, national security and national identity, improvement of the demographic situation, rising quality of life and social security, implementing the reforms in education and science and health care. These priorities are focused on the thoroughpaced development of the country in order to achieve Sustainable development strategy of Latvia until 2030 and National development plan of Latvia for 2014-2020.


The Government Action Plan is prepared based on the Declaration of the Intended Activities of the Cabinet of Ministers. The document defines the main results to be delivered and tasks to be accomplished by the responsible institutions in order to implement political priorities set by the current government. Compliance of Government’s Declaration and Action Plan with development priorities set in the hierarchically highest long/ medium term development planning documents is ensured by law.

Declaration (in latvian)

Action plan (in latvian)