Who we are

With responsibility for Latvia's future!

CSCC is the leading institution in national development planning and coordination in Latvia. CSCC is under direct authority of the Prime Minister.

CSCC is responsible for developing and monitoring the highest national development planning documents: National Development Plan of Latvia for 2021-2027 (NDP2027), National Development Plan of Latvia for 2014-2020 (NDP2020) and the Sustainable Development Strategy of Latvia until 2030 (Latvia 2030), and implementation of national development planning documents in relation to the EU.

It oversees the entire central government planning process, making changes when needed and providing guidance to ministries through consultation, ellaborating a Handbook on Development Planning and giving open lectures for government officials on policy planning issues at the School of Public Administration.  

CSCC performs analytical tasks assigned by the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister's Office, including assisting with the Government Declaration and Action Plan.

CSCC contribution lies in initiating cooperation at all levels of the decision-making process, as well as planning and assessment. 

From June 1st 2015 CSCC is responsible for the coordination of corporate governance of state-owned enterprises operating in a partially centralized SOE governance coordination model – leaving the rights for direct governance of SOE in the hands of sectoral ministries.